Soup of the day-$11
Smokey black bean and poblano chili with shredded brisket, teres major and ground chuck. Garnished with lime sour cream and fried tortillas.

Malpeque oysters $3 each

Entrée special of the day – $39
Grilled venison loin with crispy potato, artichoke and fried perch, served with red wine pepper and lemon au jus and garnished with greens dressin in caper vinaigrette

Fresh Catch of the day – $29
Pan seared monkfish  served with a parsley sauce and a creamy garlic sauce,
topped with fried parsley and garlic chips

Pub special of the day –  $20
Fried Lake Champlain perch accompanied by a classic salad Milanese
(olives, tomatoes, red onion, balsamic), served over truffle lemon sauce

Special Desserts today –$10
Vanilla glazed Poppy seed cake served with house made strawberry sorbet and whipped cream.

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